yaghnagh on instagram operates as a DIY fashion zine: a new eight piece illustrated collection is designed and presented each month alongside a range of collage, writing experiments, art direction, shoots and horoscopes. In order to combat fashion’s overproduction crisis, single experimental pieces are produced once a month as series rather than collections. The topic for 2019/20 is ‘Daily Origami’ – folds, modularity and postcolonial theory are the focus.

Series editions are available made-to-order. Each series is a set of generative constraints that leads to unique and variable pieces. Orders can be placed via silent auction: email something strange, along with your chosen price and series, and you may receive a hand-made item designed especially for you. Orders will be be fulfilled according to interest, not finance.

Alternatively, make your own.

See @yaghnagh on instagram or email yaghnagh@gmail.com for more information.


Graduate Collection, UCA Epsom 2012, ‘Engineering Works’